Swimming Journeys

Swimming Journeys


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SwiMMinD is the ultimate personal training platform of educational modules for swimmers of all levels.

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Most popular modules are:


What is SwiMMinD SwiMMinD is a platform that delivers deep feedback, visibility and insights with the ability to automate actions, reduce the amount of stroke faults and enable any level swimmer to achive better performance or swim confidence. The Future of Swimming Performance is Here SwiMMinD provides remote meaningful insights, feedback (video analysis), positive and […]

Swim and Triathlon Handbook

This online handbook will assist you to develop effective techniques, to improve your swimming and water safety skills, knowledge and understanding. Our mission is to develop and share content that enables swimmers to improve skills to reach their goals. Just click on the section of choice below and discover a world of learning while swimming […]

New Technology

From smart watches, underwater drones, innovative triathlon bikes to personal submarines and other cool technologies that make life easier and more fun, SwiMMinD is the place to discover what’s new in swimming, triathlon and diving tech.   Below are a categories of with the best items for their fields: WATCHES TRIATHLON BIKES UNDERWATER DRONES UNDERWATER […]

Swim and Triathlon Gear

Even though the sport of competitive swimming looks like all it will require is a swim suit brie and a pair of swim-goggles, if you take once glance at a pool deck during a swim practice you will quickly learn otherwise. The end of the pool or the bulkhead is littered with mesh swimming bags […]