Remote Stroke Video Analysis

This module delivers remote, interactive and meaningful feedback through video analysis to swimmers at any age and level. The feedback is generated from top learn to swim coaches, World and Olympic champions. It is also processed by artificial intelligence in order to speed up the feedback response.

Our Analysis can be used online, meaning you can input straight into the system anywhere you may be –  uploading video evidence as you go! Simply upload your video into the system, using any device you chose and then you will receive a meaningful video analysis, including causes for concern and feedback that assist your improvement.

There are three Programs of Video Analysis. Click on each one of them to learn more:

The first two Programs are based on well established Programs from Australia, Germany, the UK and US. The “Flexible Program” could give feedback for any areas that you need improvement.

We launched our analysis with Programs and their relevant levels so that users can work alongside well established standards. Within our Programs’ frameworks there are milestones based on which users could receive meaningful feedback and certificates.

Unleash the power of SwiMMinD by uploading a video.

SeaWonders in your Local Swimming Pool

Get ready for Megalodons, Mermaids, Dolphins, Whales, Seahorses, Turtles, Sirens, Neptun, Kraken, Torpedoes, Submarines etc.

In a Pokémon Go style SwiMMinD releases fairy and scary sea creatures at local swimming pools across the globe!

They’re ALIVE in your swimming pools!

SwiMMinD Alive will connect you to fairy and scary creatures through Augmented Reality and wearable devices, your mobile phone. Sharks can sense when someone does not go to practice as they sense blood. Mermaids can help you find hidden treasures. Dolphins or torpedoes could show you how to swim faster! They fled the oceans, seas, rivers to come to live at your local pool!

SwiMMinD Alive also develops a breakthrough innovation, direct assessment of personal exposure to water pollution and air pollution. This way, SwiMMinD is not only a fun platform to learn to swim but it helps counter climate change as it targets recreational water illnesses. In other words, besides developing an Augmented Reality System for motivating people how to swim, SwiMMinD’s team will engage in activities with leading developers of wearable devices or develop on its own a device that could check the temperature of the water and air, the levels of chlorine in the air and the water, the pH of the water.

As a SwiMMinD user, your mission is to learn to swim and race globally without leaving your local pool or local basin (river, sea, pond, ocean). Explore the opportunities how to achieve your mission and activate augmented reality (AR) to interact with these unbelievable fairy and scary water creatures. If the water you enter is polluted the wearable device you carry will blink red. Also, if the air you breath has too much chlorine your wearable device will also blink red.

Invite friends to join your team to discover car-sized pearl in a giant and wise shell! Rate your teammates and coach to reach faster a battle scene with other teams where the Kraken swallows the ones that lack persistence. Listen to your coach and your AI Assistant (Shark, Dolphin, Torpedo, Goldfish) and a beautiful mermaid could help you steal the magical tripod of the god of water, Neptune which will give you some special powers. Another approach if the mermaid helps you find an speak with Neptune who could reveal to you one of the most treasured secrets in the water world.

Pass Learn to Swim Levels, Participate at Remote Racing Games, Attend Practices, Listen to your AI Assistant and Coach, Rate your Team, Teammates and Coach in order to level up or gain access to shells and coins which give you access to perks such as placing your own logo, your own avatar or the opportunity to get secrets not only from the god of the water, Neptune but from World and Olympic Champions.

LEARN TO SWIM and RACE GLOBALLY with fairy and scary creatures.

CHECK whether the water at the pool, lake, sea, ocean is polluted.

ASSESS whether the air which you breath is polluted, for instance a ventilation system in a pool does not work and there is much chlorine in the air.

AWARD your efforts and persistence.

BATTLE against teams where judges are sea monsters such as MEGALODON or KRAKEN

ENLIGHTEN yourself by meeting and listening to the god of water, Neptune or World or Olympic Champions

EMBRACE your personal AI Assistant (Seahorse, Dolphin, Shark…) and Coach who guide you through the world of unknown to learn a lot, to meet people with similar interest and enjoy the process of learning.

SwiMMinD’s “Alive” Module is currently being developed.