How to build the best swimming business website

A lot of people think that the swimming business website is a good source of information about a swimming club, swimming pool construction, swimming venue or swimming e-commerce. Well, then why there are still boring and ineffective websites? And how to design and to build a swimming website that will help to achieve business goals?

What is a modern swimming business website

Most of the people think that swimming websites are an annoying web page that focused on products or services. So they conclude that modern swimming websites need to be mobile, socially, and emotionally driven like editorials and social media. They think that this approach makes a swimming website valuable for visitors. Many swimming business owners share this view. However, this is only partly applicable.

Swimming business websites must achieve business goals. The impressive, emotional, creative website and excellent sales are not the same things.

To build the best website for your swimming business, you should use an advanced approach that helps you to boost business and to save your budget.

Why you need a website for your swimming business

It seems so obvious, and yet it is not. Although your business goal is to make money with sales, you can achieve this goal in many different ways. The website design and functionality depend on your business goals and life cycle. For instance, for one swimming club, the main goal is the promotion of specific swimming services.  For another swimming club, the main goal is maintenance service promotion. A third swimming club needs to convey a brand image because it grows in popularity and offers a franchise model. What do you need?

You should write your thoughts before you can come to the next stage. It is an exciting task that helps you to discover many opportunities.

You might ask, “Well, I need to change my swimming website design every time my business goals changed, don’t you think?”. Our answer is “Yes” for most of the cases.

The website design is not permanent

Identify and segment your clients. Your clients are not just people who love swimming. Your segment might be running learn to swim programs.

For whom do you want to create your website? The more accurate you identify your swimming clients, the better your swimming website will be.

The identifying clients is a challenging task for many businesses but if you have a local swimming club the task might be easier. It might be a little bit simple for local businesses. You need to know many things like age, income, how they to live, and how they to buy, which their pains and which their dreams. You must know what they know about your swimming services. Are they entering the water for the first time or are coming from another club because you are offering a better service?

To choose the preferred segment of your customers. Does that mean you should ignore all others? Not really. Your website should be accessible to everyone but be primarily aimed at a specific audience or a few audiences. In other words, you should prioritize. To rank audiences in order of importance before creating a swimming website. Therefore, if your club if your club focuses on learn to swim programs it will be pointless to create a website that you develop national or international swimming champions.

This stage will help you to identify your website values.

Unfortunately, many businesses, including the biggest ones, still provide no value to clients. Instead, swimming websites mainly exist to represent what are the offered services. It could be said: it no longer works. Again, a well-functioning swimming website is a tool that can provide maximum benefits for different target audiences. It creates a transparent, intelligible dialogue with clients, investors, and partners.

Swimming businesses can do it by themselves or with your marketing department (if they have one). Also, swimming businesses can contact a web agency that provides marketing services. At SwiMMinD, the identifying website goals and target audiences is a compulsory part of the swimming website development.

Laptop, notebook and cup of coffee on white table by the swimming pool.

Concept and prototype of a swimming website

The creative idea of your website design should be based on your marketing strategy and business goals. Hire a web designer to find a way to achieve your website goals.

An experienced web designer will create wireframes and prototypes for you. This stage allows you to experiment with ideas and to find solutions.

Use these questions to create the best business website:

What information will visitors look for?

Which actions will visitors commit?

What message do you want to transmit to your visitors?

How will the functions of your website to be work?

The web designer will create wireframes to present the information, layout, and to describe the user interface. If everything looks good, it is time to develop a prototype of your business site.

The prototyping doesn’t need to be 100% perfect. If it is good enough to give everyone a common understanding, the goal is achieved

Good copywriting equals good sales

The quality content is the reason why swimming websites get repeat visitors, and to convert them into customers.

You must invest in a good copywriter. Because of the excellent copywriter understanding of your business goals and will craft the content needed to meet your target audience needs.

Swimming website content has to be as useful and straightforward as possible. Avoid the content with buzzwords, useless photos, and videos. Reduce the noise level and give helpful content to be read.

SwiMMinD recommends testing your content before you will use it on your swimming website.

Also, you need to optimize your content for search engines. Research the keywords you want to rank highly in search engines for. Research the keywords you want to rank highly in search engines for. Use these keywords in your content. Avoid to stuff your content with the same keyword 500 times in a 600-word web page, because it makes for bad reading experience and it could also get you penalized by Google.

You can hire an SEO specialist who will help you. Also SwiMMinD recommends you to see how to make a content of your web site that can help you to rank better.

Design and web development of a swimming website

The web design stage works towards a suitable look and feel of your website. Keep the audience in mind when planning on a visible part.

It seems ridiculous, but you need to sure that all these elements’ visual branding elements were used on webpages: logo, corporate color scheme, and fonts.

If everything is correct, this stage will be simple. The web development of the average corporate website will take 4-8 weeks. It depends on website functionality and a number of pages. Animations could complicate web development.

The website development can be split into two – front-end and back-end. A front-end developer is responsible for a website’s user-facing code and the architecture of its immersive user experience. A back-end developer takes finished front-end code and gives it working functionality.

Once this work is done, the content will be put, QA will test the website on various browsers and devices. Finally, you can launch your website.

The responsible web agency will support the business website after launching it. Some bugs are possible at this stage. Also, you or your marketing department need to observe to gather information. Sometimes you need to improve some things on your website.

The experienced web agency offers additional services to promote your website on the Web. It can be web advertisement (or PPC), Social Media Marketing, off-page SEO (search engine optimization), or content marketing.


The creation of a swimming website is a complex task that requires efforts, money, and human source. But the good website can boost your swimming business.

We hope this recommendation helps you. The right web agency will help you to invest your money most effectively. You can contact the SwiMMinD project manager.

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