Smart swimming pool

The best swimmers in the world continuously analyze their stroke technique and refine their training. Small adjustments in stroke technique can improve stroke efficiency and overall swimming velocity to reach optimal performance. In swimming, efficiency is everything!

What you think about this Artificial Intelligence Smart Pool System? Would you like to try it?

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This swimming analysis AI is combining machine learning and computer vision to detect swimmers in real time. It is another meaningful use of #AI, it is developed by Sports AI Lab from Hong Kong

Detail of the technologies used:
✓ Background Subtraction (Opencv)
✓ Single Pose Estimation (Resnet)
✓ Kalman Filter Tracking (SORT)
✓ Human Activity Recognition (LSTM) (~5 fps on GTX 1080 , Written in Python & Pytorch)

SwiMMinD ( currently works in developing an application to bring this technology for your personal us, just by using smart phones.  

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