Should we wait for others to show our way for well-being or we should be proactive?

We all live in our own world but we cannot escape interactions with others. We are social creatures who build friendships, hobbies, professions … We all learn from one another but that takes understanding of others’ intentions, gestures, words, actions.

For myself I know I need to be proactive because when I look for answers I become very delighted when I reach the end results!

About ten years ago, a swimming student came to me and gave me a thankful letter for changing her life by improving her health and giving her the belief that she can deal with anything. At that time, I was 20 years old and honestly, I wanted to be helpful but had no idea that my efforts could be so beneficial to somebody’s life. This moment was kind, overwhelming and enriching for both of us. This was one of the sparks that made swimming my career. Later, many other men and women shared that swimming have changed their lives. They improved their quality of living, became more organized, active and full of energy during the whole day. Тhe feeling that one could overcome her fear and to reach her goals that never thought she would is something very powerful, a great way for building self-confidence.

Some people say that swimming can be boring because there are lots of laps, meters and miles to measure progress. Also, swimming sessions may start very early in the morning. For some people, swimming sessions end at 6am. No doubt this is challenging but it is worthy, especially if swimming becomes your passion. The feeling of freedom and lack of stress due to those “boring” things or early wake ups gives you wings of happiness and during your entire day, you have a smile on your face.

My curiosity rose further when one of my students came to me and said: “Thank you for your help! I have just enrolled at the National Academy of Arts”. I was very happy for her but also confused about the connection between Arts and Swimming! At the end she shared with me in delight that swimming lessons gave her more self-confidence. She became more organized and began setting her daily routines. She began chasing and achieving her dreams!

It is very inspiring to do something you have never done and to know you are capable and unstoppable of doing anything! Basically, if you think that you are not a person wo can set goals and follow them, you could just begin swimming. This could lead you into a routine for finding your true passion!

Today’s life is full of stress and it is important to find the balance between soul, mind and body. Therefore, it is worth to be proactive and to look for activities that best fit you because as I have seen and experienced, if we change our daily routines, we could change our lifestyle.

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