What is the best age to start swimming?

At what age did you start swimming? Were you a baby? Did your parents brought you to the pool or you are an adult who learns how to swim now?

Swimming is recommended for people at any age because of its beneficial effects over the body, mind and soul. However, we all have different development, talents, interests and goals.

If you have started learning how to swim as a child, you have probably developed early survival skills and you love being in the water. Hopefully the process of learning continued through all the stages of swimming development and besides survival skills you have much more abilities. You got the gift to explore the magic of water, had lots of fun, experienced many water adventures and grew healthy.

Many parents are ambitious and are looking for the best for their children while putting them at the pool at very early age (bellow 6 years of age). There is no doubt that lots of swimming schools throughout the world offer the best for children at this age. The magic here is the genuine love of swim instructors to their little swim students. To make this magic, instructors find many ways to reach the hearts of their swimmers, to make the swim lessons enjoyable and helpful.

There are also parents who believe that children are not ready to learn to swim until they reach 6 years of age. Their belief is guided from what they have heard from some coaches and swim clubs or even because they were swimmers and that was accepted back in the days.

As usually, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

The progress in swimming depends on many factors but it is essential to know that we are all different. If a child enjoys a class and follows instructions easily, it may be concluded that it is the right time to start learning, no matter the age of the student. That is why, the instructor’s role is very important. Being patient, respectful, joyful and helpful is crucial. The instructor should be like the best friend to her students. It is beautiful to see how children are enjoying swim lessons! All this fun, sparkling eyes, wide smiles! The feeling is magical!

Unfortunately, there are situations in which children cry when they start at early age. When this happens, instructors should be able to locate the irritating factor; water temperature, lack of sleep or other. It is essential to find the cause of the cry because this is the only way to earn a smile. Otherwise, the impact could be very damaging, especially if an instructor persists on teaching a child who continuously cries. Therefore, if the instructor’s efforts are dissatisfactory, the child continues to cry, the best solution might be to try again but after a given period.

Nowadays, some people have a pool at their home or children play in parks where there is a lake, or they live near the beach. All these water basins are dangerous and building basic water safety skills at an early age may be lifesaving.

In conclusion, it is not proper to force someone to learn to swim. Being patient, finding the right place and friendly teacher is a process that could take a while, but it is worth it. Hopefully most of the people are lucky to end up in a Learn to Swim Program with well-established standards and enjoy their swim classes no matter their age.  As the old saying reminds us “Where there is a will, there is a way.’’  The age is not a breaking point, everyone can start learning step by step! Just don’t forget your swim suit and smile! Have a great day!




Lida Milkova

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