2022 Goal

Our mission is to have SwiMMinD’s paid and free modules in use from hundreds of thousands, even millions beginner, recreational and competitor swimmers by the year 2022. To achieve this we have created www.swimmind.com  web platform where all modules are absolutely FREE.

We do this  because of our genuine interest to contribute our swimming expertise to as many people as possible. We have  used our own funds, efforts and time to create the platform. To proceed further, to create a mobile app, to develop “SwiMMinD Alive” and to add all functionalities and innovative systems to the “Learn to Swim” and “SmiMMinD Games” modules,  we need your help in attracting more users.

We are hallway there, with prototypes. Now we need your help to attract more people to REGISTER at our web platform www.swimmind.com and in return you get FREE manual video analysis from our top experts with superb accomplishments.

If we have more registered users we will be able to finish paying programmers, game designers, artificial intelligence experts, augmented reality experts, annotators, and user-experience experts because we have a set goal from few investment funds who are ready to invest dearly if we show that the swimming world is huge.

Lets turn SwiMMinD into a super-exciting and easy to use app for all levels swimmers NOW by registering at www.swimmind.com and/or sharing this with your friends.

 To “Pay it forward” please REGISTER or invite friends to REGISTER.



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