Advanced Progression 1

Breathing and Blowing

Breathing and blowing regularly should be developed progressively and practiced every lesson from this point onwards, eg:

  • bobbing
  • breathing to the side

Develop horizontal body position on front

Use paddling areas (where available) for initial buoyancy skills. Flotation aids may be used to assist with development of confidence. Progress to deeper water and teach recovery skills.

Float or gentle glide on front

  • Hold gutter, legs at surface, face in. Let go and recover to stand
  • As above, partner/teacher supports ‘palm on palm’
  • Arms extended forward – floatation aid in each hand

NOTE: The use of flotation aids is not essential. Try to teach the float without a flotation aid first.


  • Head up
  • Knees up
  • Pull down with arms and hands
  • Stand

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