Safety survival sequence no. 9


Having assessed the emergency manual, if a reach or throw rescue is not practical, people should have knowledge of the following techniques:

Wade rescue:

  • Given that a person is in difficulty 10 m from safety, demonstrate:
  • Safe entry into the water
  • Wade to and offer and aid to the person
  • Pull the person to safety•Instruct the person

Defense position and revers

  • Safe distance from the person in difficulty 

Accompanied rescue

Given that a person is in difficulty in deep water, demonstrate a rescue as follows:

  • Enter the water using a stride or other appropriate entry.
  • Reassure the person during the approach.
  • Keep a safe distance, adopt the defensive position and pass a flotation aid.
  • Accompany the person to safety, while keeping a safe distance from the person in difficulty. 

NOTE: It is vital that pupils are warned to keep a safe distance from swimmers in difficulty – contact rescues are not to be taught at Learn to Swim Levels

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