How can we improve swimming through Augmented Reality?

SwiMMinD believes that swimming can be improved by Augmented Reality (AR) as:

  • Visualization

Michael Phelps is the greatest swimmer. One of the secrets of his success was that he was able to visualize his swimming and thus improve his technique.

AR could help swimmers and coaches visualize 3-D models in the real world, in real time. Thus, swimmers would have an advantage and could potentially become much faster than Michael Phelps.

Virtual memory makes us memorize faster and by utilizing AR, we can increase swimmer’s interaction by aiding their visual memory.

Generally, swim sessions stimulate learning though practical implementation. That is why for some children it could be very hard to understand what is being taught by their coach unless she enters the pool. Beginner swimmers need to picture the relevant swim skill in their mind and if they do not see an example the improvements could be very limited.  

AR does not impede the learning but accelerates it. Children now do not need to picture in their heads what things in real life might be like but can actually see and feel them.

This takes imagination and creativity to a whole new level as now AR is the base on which they will build their imaginative worlds.

  • Increased sensory and mental development

With AR it is possible to improve people’s physical and mental abilities. In general, swimming is a practical activity which requires more mental involvement if you need faster improvements. That is why, besides swimming, students would need to gain more knowledge by seeing and observing through stimulating videos, images, cartoon characters, three-dimensional charts, graphs, etc. Such kind of learning aids have a better impact on beginner swimmers.

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  • Interactive learning

Persistence is key in succeeding in anything, but you cannot have persistence without fun. AR makes swimming fun and effortless. Basically, AR would lead to deeper engagement in swimming sessions. Swimmers’ mind will be excited and their body active.

It is not just swimming. AR increases the thinking process and thus swimmers will improve their swimming technique and they will progress much faster.

  • Less injuries

With AR swimmers would understand things easily and grasp essential and complex skills much faster. This is important because not all coaches could give full attention to their swimmers and bad habits could lead to injuries.

  • More knowledge

Have you seen swimmers buying textbook or any other materials for learning purposes? Swimmers rely entirely on the knowledge of their coach and they never question her methods. They can just hope that their coach has all the appropriate tools to teach them. Unfortunately, not all coaches are trained (certificates/diploma) or even if they are trained, they do not always follow the standards for each of their students.

Can you imagine if you go to school and the textbooks for all subjects your child reads are written by his only one teacher? That will never be accepted in any educational system. This is the problem that SwiMMinD AR focuses on. With AR swimmers will be able to listen to their coach and interactively gain more knowledge about swimming and see whether they are following well established learn to swim programs or are just being bathed.

Dependability of swimmers on their coach could be reduced greatly by introducing AR, especially in adults swimming where students are driven to learn on their own. This would only lead to further progress in the swimming sector because with the support of AR coaches could give more individual attention to all of their swimmers, instead of having few favorite students.

  • Encourage parent involvement

AR could greatly increase the parent involvement in their children’s swimming skills development, especially if children use the AR at private pools.  

  • Teach that anything is possible

AR can bring objects, fairy and scary creatures in the swimming pools which are impossible to be present in current swimming sessions. Thus, in a Pokémon Go style SwiMMinD releases sharks, dolphins, whales, seahorses, sirens mermaids and more at local swimming pools across the globe!

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