Do swimmers need to eat special foods?

  • Before training, young swimmers should eat a light meal such as fruit, bread or a light cereal – particularly before morning training, when their body has not been recharged for 8-10 hours. If they don’t feel like eating, suggest they try drinking juice or a sports drink. Many people don’t feel like eating early in the morning and it can take time to get used to.
  • During training, rehydration is the number-one priority, and water is the number-one rehydrator.
  • Immediately after training, the body is very receptive to the replacement of energy. Eating or drinking a carbohydrate fuel source that is readily broken down and rapidly absorbed is very important. Sports drinks may have a role to play in the rapid placement of muscle energy. Similarly fruit, fruit-based snack packs and fruit puree may also assist in rapid energy replacement.

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