New Year Resolution and Swimming!

What is the secret to long lasting results?

Probably you have a Do list for the New 2019! You are full of expectations for better, healthier and more successful year!

However, the big question is: what is the secret to have long lasting results?

Probably you are very busy person. Your daily routine is packed, full of meetings, long drives to work, early get ups… or you are very stressed because you are looking for a job. At these moments the idea of “time for myself”, “time for swimming” looks like a dream! But have you ever asked yourself what made you do your first step as a baby, or how long it took you to learn to read? It was a cocktail of things, but the main ingredient was PERSISTANCE! You were unstoppable as a baby. Why not be unstoppable now as a grown up? All you need to do is to keep trying again and again! 

The beginning is always difficult but when you keep going, it always gets better and better, easier and easier. For example, a kid goes to swim lessons one time per month for a period of 3 months and based on his swimming abilities his parents decide that he should try another sport. This kid did not have a chance to develop his swimming skills. His only chance was to hope that if he goes to another sport, he would have more time to practice. Most importantly, this kid might miss a valuable life-lesson: It takes time and practicing until one achieves excellence in anything he does! As Malcolm Gladwell stated, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. Therefore, if we keep changing our focus, we wouldn’t be able to reach excellence in anything.

Talking about swimming and its positive impact on people, we usually believe that it takes long time to go and to do the practice. However, if swimming really helps our body, mind and soul, to feel better for the rest of the day, we may conclude that one hour per day is not a long time. It doesn’t matter if we are beginners or advanced swimmers, practicing continuously, makes us more confident, because we are well organised and able to manage difficulties. Swimming also keep us in good shape, relieves the stress and effects our lifestyle!

There is a saying that it is easier to think, to dream of something than to do it. However, nothing is impossible! Work hard! Work with joy! Work for your dreams!

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