During workouts, should I focus mainly on drills or rather on long-distance swims several times a weeks?

Swimming is both a highly technical and fitness-based sport. In order to swim as efficiently as possible and avoid injuries, you need to develop and maintain proper techniques. However, ACHIEVING MAXIMUM RESULTS ISN’T POSSIBLE THROUGH DRILLS ALONE. Your workouts should provide a good mix of intense swim sets and drill work. Also, be very careful in picking of of drills because there are hundreds of drills which are designed to dressed many different elements of the stroke technique. Not all those drill will be relevant for you. Be sure to get your stroke analyzed via SwiMMinD’s video analysis module or your coach. Both SwiMMinD, which is based on well established programs from the US, UK and Australia and your coach will determine what you need to work on. Thus, you could be assured that your practice was relevant to you and was worthwhile.

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