Who is your ‘critical’ swimming friend?

Some swimmers do not respond well to criticism, whereas others will use meaningful feedback as a learning experience and strive to improve. However, without constructive criticism a swimmer can’t improve. Swimmers need their instructor/coach to point what they need to work on. If swimmers do not have a coach, they should find one or use alternative means for improving, through video analysis. If swimmers have difficulties accepting criticism from their coach, they should not be in a hurry to drop out from swimming or change coach. Swimmers could check their stroke technique with SwiMMinD.

Only when swimmers identify and focus on their weaknesses, they could make them strengths. Swimmers improve the fastest if they see stroke development as a challenge, not a problem.  

Instructors have direct personal contact with their swimmers, and it is very important for them to assess how each swimmer would respond to criticism.  In this respect, SwiMMinD is no different from instructors. From the first uploaded video, SwiMMinD strives to create personal individual assessment for each swimmer and follow their progress through the different SwiMMinD Programs. The critical points/levels are presented as challenges which could be reached with the support of remote coaches, dolphins, mermaids and other relevant to the swimmer characters.  The Video Feedback is private, unless swimmers respond so well to criticism and want their feedback to be public. SwiMMinD as any great instructor around the world should never underestimate the power of “I will show you” attitude that some swimmers have.

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