Swimming is more than just a health habit

Swimming is widely accepted as the best activity for a healthy lifestyle resulting in beautiful bodies and minds.

The fairy tale starts when you start swimming from an early age. Making bubbles and diving into an underwater dreamland kingdom filled with dolphins, mermaids and other friendly sea creatures could be so much fun! It becomes even more fun when there is someone to guide you – the swim teacher who shows them the miracles of this new fluid world. That is why when children have a good guide they treat him with lots of love and respect because of the trust and admiration. When the confidence in the water rises children look for new challenges and it all goes much more interesting. Suddenly, seahorses become fast swimmers who feel like they are flying in the water. This confidence gives them the opportunity to play more. Games become races and races become games. Children learn to swim freestyle like their idols, Michael Phelps or continue to imagine that they swim like dolphins.

While playing in the water, besides learning water safety, children learn other important life lessons. They learn in a fun way how could manage difficult tasks and how could believe more in themselves. Basically, young swimmers are blessed to live in two parallel worlds – on land and in the water. Thus, they build stronger character, socialize and work on their healthy body and healthy mind.

It is difficult to express all the benefits kids may get from swimming but unfortunately not all children continue with the swim lessons or swim practices. Many forget this wonderful and healthy way of life. The reasons for this separation are many. That is why the key role for keeping them in this dream world are the parents. If parents show they themselves are active in sports and show that they trust the swim teachers and coaches of their children, it is easier for the children to continue swimming into their adulthood. Do not forget, swimming it is not just fun, it is the best tool for meditation and taking care both for your body and mind.

If for some reason you have not swam in an early age it is still possible to enter as an adult in this wonderland of health and adventures. Just make sure you are in the good hands of a qualified coach who will guide you through this miracle experiences and give you the freedom of your mind which will undoubtedly result in a dream body!

There is no age to start something you have dreamed to do! The life is more beautiful and fulfilled when we work on our body, mind and soul. Swimming is the perfect recipe for balancing those dimensions.

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