Triathlon swimming tips for beginners

You enjoy running but you seek more challenging environment and have decided to do triathlon – congratulations!

Is technique important when you are learning how to swim?

Definitely! If we learn to make something the wrong way it will be very difficult to switch to the right way. Swimming techniques is the same way. The fewer mistakes you make while you learn, the more effective you will be later in your triathlete swims. 

I’ve learned to run well without having running lessons/coaching.  Can I do the same for swimming? Will my swimming technique be poor?

Swimming is highly technical and is very hard to change a bad habit which leads to poor technique. It is much easier to learn a proper technique at the beginning then later.  It is very difficult even for advanced swimmers to change a bad habit because they have been doing it for years and now, they will have to put equal effort to erase that habit.  easy to change, even for advanced swimmers. Basically, getting the swimming technique right without instruction, is extremely difficult. 

Can I learn the proper swimming technique myself?  

Teaching yourself a proper swimming technique is very difficult. You can read and watch videos about good technique but you would struggle to implement it if you do not see understand what needs to be corrected in your stroke. Therefore, you could get stroke corrections with a valuable advice from world class athletes and coaches (now free) through SwiMMinD’s module “Remote Coach.”

What are the main benefits of SwiMMinD’s “Remote coach”?

“Remote coach” will be the eyes you need to guide you and describe the mistakes you make. “Remote coach” will help translate the technical points that you might be misinterpreting into fluid swimming movements. This will ultimately help your triathlon swim results.

Why it is important to have a good swimming technique? How does a good swimming technique help me in my performance?

Good swimming technique will award you with more endurance. Hence, you could do more, swim more with less effort. Unless you master the mechanics of a swim stroke, you will be struggling and not be able to swim a lot. It is important to first learn the technique and then attempt to swim fast. With a good technique, you are less likely to injure yourself because you are performing the correct movements with the correct muscles.

I want to do just triathlon; do I need to learn how to swim butterfly? Can I just stick with learning Freestyle and Backstroke and which stroke should I start learning first?

Butterfly is not necessary for triathlon but once you start enjoying swimming and want to have a variety of swimming practices it is good to know Butterfly as well. Otherwise, freestyle and backstroke are probably the main strokes for triathlon events. You could focus grasping the essential for both strokes. Backstroke is important because it could also be a resting stroke, hence it is important to know it well as well. Because there’s no timing or head turn requirements for breathing during backstroke, it could be considered an easier starting point. Freestyle can worry new swimmers because you need to put your face in the water to perform it well.

Do not forget Breastroke as well. Depending on your fitness level, breaststroke might appear simple but when done well it’s actually highly technical.

An essential tip for early aims is to focus on the ability to relax while swimming and the breath timing.

Should I have one technique for a swimming pool and another technique for open water?

Do not change your technique just because you swim in open water. The only thing that you would have to add on to your technique is a method for sighting and looking where you are going.

A wetsuit will increase your buoyancy, it will affect your body position into the water but this does not mean that you would have to change you technique. The same is if you swim in saltier water, your body position will change but the techniques should not change. 

What is the top tip for a beginner triathlete?

Swim more frequently but perhaps for shorter periods.

What is the top tip for a triathlete enthusiast?

Have “Remote coach” to correct you swim technique. Huge gains can be made for modest changes to your swim techniques.

What is the top tip for a high-level triathlete?

Have personal swimming coach who could give his/hers attention to you throughout the entire practice. Continue to monitor you swim technique wit “Remote coach.”  Check your progress by performing some specific, reproducible swim sets every 6 weeks. Measure if you are getting faster, fitter or swimming further. Be accountable for your progress. Go to practice even if you are not so keen to go.

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