Breaststroke Faults and Corrections

Failure to turn one or both feet out during kick (scissor kick)1. Revise basic drills. Have partner or instructor apply pressure to inside of feet when kicking around slowly.
2. Hook feet and circle very slowly, keeping feet 'hooked' during whole kick.
3. Slide underneath of toes down side of pool while swimming.
Bending too much at hips1. Practice kick on land while lying on front.
2. Concentrate on using lower leg.
3. Practice kicking on back keeping knees below surface.
4. Bring heels back rather than knees up.
Pulling too far back (past shoulders)1. Practice arm action with noodle across front under elbows.
2. Practice with arms extended forward for several kicks - two kicks to one arm stroke.
3. Add the arm action with a small pull ('hands' only).
4. Learn to scull inward in front of shoulders. Keep hands in sight. Swim with chin resting on surface.
5. Introduce correct timing/glide.
Incorrect timing. Pull starts before kick has finished.1. Kick and glide (no arms, no breathing) arms extended.
2. Breath then kick and glide with arms extended (ie no arm actions).
3. Add very small arm circling to previous drill (n. 2).
4. Double kick breaststroke - two kicks to one arm stroke. Start and finish with hands and feet together.
5. Reduce the number of strokes take to swim a set distance.

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