Freestyle Faults and Corrections

Too much knee bend1. Revise basic kicking drills
2. More practice kicking on back
3. Kicking on side (with board).
4. Rub big toes together.
5. Kick through hoop.
6. Use fins.
Legs too low in water1. Revise breathing position/drills
2. Ensure head is not raised (lifted) when breathing.
3.Check for ineffective kick.
Breathing problems. May cause many faults, eg. 'double arm pull' on breathing side1. Practice basic drills. Emphasizing blowing out - breathing in will occur automatically.
2. Avoid raising the head and exhale under water.
3. Catch up on board.
4. Use activities/games that encourage exhaling in the water.
5. Walk breathing and blowing with arm action.
Short pull - hand does not reach forward after entry and exits at waist1. Catch up on board.
2. Brush thighs with thumb.
3. Reach out to touch instructor's finger tips.
Elbow leads during pull - hand falls back and does not catch water1. Catch up on board.
2. Walking drills.
3. Feel pressure on palm of hand - pull body past hand.
Over-reaching (round front) of hands at entry. Causes hip sway1. Catch up drills (with or without board).
2. Check body roll.
Wide arm action during recovery. Causes hip sway1. Encourage high elbow recovery.
2. Push back past the thigh.
3. Trail fingers in water as hand passes shoulder.
Too much roll - usually on one side to aid breathing1. Revise breathing drills.
2. Introduce bilateral breathing to more competent swimmers.
3. Trail fingers in water as hand passes shoulder.

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