Underwater Scooter, 2019 Sublue Whiteshark

WHITESHARK MIX is a compact underwater scooter launched by SUBLUE.

An ingenious underwater scooter equipped with double propellers. The small and integrated design makes it easy to carry and operate. Swim and dive like a champion even if you are new to the water.

The patented design and engineering of the Whiteshark Mix is unparalleled in the industry. The symmetrical design created by the dual thrusters provides balance and agility in the water, and light weight portability on land.

Small, but mighty, the Whiteshark Mix flies through the water at 3.4 MPH at a maximum depth of 130ft, faster and deeper than units costing more than twice as much.

The Whiteshark Mix comes equipped with a universal action camera mount, perfect for everything from family vacation videos, to recording your adventures out on the reef.

The best part about the Whiteshark MIX for travel filmmakers is that is has a front end GoPro mount. This allows you to gather smooth footage gliding along underwater, rather than trying to swim with one hand and film with the other.

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