Remote Racing Games

The “Remote Racing Games” Module at SwiMMinD qualifies and awards swimmers interested to compete globally without leaving their local pools.

Basically, anyone could compete, no matter the age, gender or nationality. The guiding registration principle is based on nationality, not on location. Basically, each country shall have a bespoke division which becomes the norm. Hence, if a user is a permanent resident of York, United Kingdom he could still make a video race while visiting friends or relatives in Bloomington, Indiana, US.

Every year, hundreds of thousands, even millions of swimmers could come together to compete in the worldwide, global online/remote competition, the SwiMMinD Remote Racing Games.

Users must pick their best event, upload a video of their swim at SwiMMinD and wait to see whether they qualify or have the best time in the world at their age group.

There are four stages at the “Remote Racing Games” : The Locals, The Regionals, The Nationals and the Global Race.

STAGE 1 – The Locals – 6 months
Each country in the world shall be divided on 4 different local sections: North East, South East, Central North, Central South, North West and North South. If the Country is too small such as Malta the division shall be based on cities. If the country is too narrow, such as Japan, the division shall be North, Central North, Central South and South.

Big countries shall have more local sections. For instance, America shall be divided as follows: North East, Mid Atlantic, South East, Central East, North Central, South West, South Central, North California, South California North west.

The Locals Stage has the biggest duration because we want to give many opportunities to beginner swimmers. Moreover, we have the Locals because not all areas are developed equally. Thus, we want to give a chance to the underdeveloped areas where there could be a beginner swimmer who could get such a motivation from his initial win which could motivate him to become the best in the world.

At the end of the six months period, the best 30 swimmers per age group per each event shall advance to the next stage of competition, the Nationals. In other words, top 30 per event, gender and age shall qualify for nationals. For instance, on 50 m. Freestyle, the first 30 boys for the age group 7&U qualify for the Nationals.

STAGE 2- The Nationals – 3 months
The Race continues but this time on the National level.

Top 30 per event, gender and age will advance from regions in the U.S. and Canada.

Top 30 per event, gender and age will advance from Europe and Australia.

Top 30 per event, gender and age from Latin America, Asia and Africa.

National identity stays throughout the competition. Hence, if during the Nationals a German wins the 50 m. Freestyle, during the Regionals (combining Europe and Australia) he will still compete as German.

STAGE 3 – The Regionals – 2 months
Top 30 per event, gender and age shall advance for the Global Race

STAGE 4 – The Global Race – 1 month
It takes one month. There will be various Awards for the global winners.

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