BABY journey

This journey will assist parents to help babies gain swimming skills while playing varios games in the water. 

Bath Crawl

Encourage crawling in the bath, beginning to get your baby to move through the water alone. Using a bath mat will help. Encourage your baby to move towards toys.

You will need: Bath Mat and Toys

It's Pouring

Encourage your toddler to lift and use toys and trickle or pour water over different parts of their body, naming parts of the body as they do this.

Splish Splash

Get your baby into a sitting position. Encourage them to splash their hands and feet by themselves with you demonstrating to them. This improves their motorcontrol and gives them power over their own movement.


Play “Peek-a-boo”. Place a damp face cloth over toddler’s face and encourage them to take it off and then you do the same. Show excitement and smiles as your toddler removes the cloth from their face. Toddlers enjoy repetition.

You will need: Face Cloth

Hands, Shoulders,Toes…

While your toddler is sitting in the bath sing and do the actions to ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ encouraging your child to touch each part of their body as you sing it.

Blowing Bubbles

Holding your baby facing you, blow bubbles into the water. Give lots of praise and encouragement to put their chin or face close to the water and this will give them confidence to keep trying.

baby moves

With your baby facing you, support them under the armpits with the water at shoulder level. You should rotate in a circle, moving the baby through the water and then change direction and repeat.

jumping in

Age Range: 12 – 18 months

Sit or stand your toddler on the side of the pool and hold under their arms so they are facing you. “1-2-3 Wheeeee!” and jump them into the pool beside you.

ball chase

Age Range: 12- 18 months

For co-ordination and movement ask your toddler to throw a ball as far as they can and then encourage them to use their hands and feet by saying “kick, kick, kick” to move towards the ball with you supporting them under the armpits with them facing away from you. Alternatively use buoyancy aids to encourage independent movement towards the ball.


Age Range: 18 – 24 months

Use aids, such as a noodle float, to let your child experience buoyancy and balance.

You will need: Noodle float


Age Range: 18 – 24 months

Using a buoyancy aid, let your toddler propel themselves towards a toy. Encourage and demonstrate to your toddler to kick their legs and dig with their hands. Buoyancy aids can become loose at any point so never take your eyes off your toddler.

You will need: Buoyancy aids if required