The Coolest Gadgets in 2019 to Explore the Sea Like Never Before

Whether you are looking to improve your swimming or diving skills, upgrade your diving gear, impress your friends with a brand new water toy, or capture perfect photos and videos of sea life, the following gadgets are sure to enrich your water adventures.

Knowing that we know more about space than the ocean you may be one of those people who want to go explore in the depths of the ocean, without getting wet in the comfort of your won submarine. If that is the case you most definitely want to check out SwiMMinD’s picks for water adventures in 2019.

From innovative diving equipment to topnotch waterproof cameras, you will find our top selection of devices and accessories to make the most of your time learning to swim, dive or explore the sea.

Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

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A stylish lightweight design and a bunch of cool new features make Suunto D4i Novo an excellent all-around dive computer for all levels of adventure. This updated version of the popular Suunto D4i comes with a slick and soft silicone strap, optional wireless air integration, and four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Freedive, and Gauge.

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PowerRay – Underwater Fishing Drone

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With this gadget, you could start an adventure, you may have never thought possible. PowerRay is more than just a fishing drone. It’s a powerful underwater photography and video platform. You could explore under the waves before you jump into the water. It could dive down to 98 feet. It can record video in real time at 4k/25fps while the unique LED lighting illuminates the water. PowerRay could also visualize your fishing experience. PowerRay’s VR goggles offer real time immersive fishing experience or with friends at the same time. The gesture-based VR goggle offers you hands-free control.

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C-Researcher 3-11000 Personal Submarine

The C-Researcher series feature two special low height models designed to easily fit aboard most super yachts. The C-Researcher 3 LH – 500 has an impressive height of 185 cm and is capable of diving to depths of 500 meters, while the C-Researcher 3 LH – 1700 is only 230 cm tall and can travel to depths of 1700 meters. Both subs can carry 2 passengers and 1 pilot and can stay submerged for up to 16 hours.

Electronic Kickboard

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Swii is an electronic kick board designed to utilize innovative technology that will make water activities fun for every member of your family or maybe for teaching lessons.
Swii is a smart powered kickboard with strong buoyancy, excellent power and portability for adults and children above 6 years.

Sublue Whiteshark Underwater Scooter

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The best part about the White Shark MIX for travel filmmakers is that is has a front end GoPro mount. This allows you to gather smooth footage gliding along underwater, rather than trying to swim with one hand and film with the other.

When should a swimmer specialize in one stroke or the other?

It is easy to place young swimmers in a category based on success in a particular sport. Often parents will assume that a 9-year-old who wins junior breaststroke events will be an international breaststroke star in senior swimming. Senior, experienced instructors, coaches often comment that this is rarely the case. Difference in limb lengths, muscle size and shape, range of motion around joints, training background and genetics all play a part in determining eventual success. Here are some general guidelines associated with changes in a swimmer’s growth and development.

  • Changes in size and shape of a swimmer during adolescence and growth mean that today’s football star may be tomorrow’s swimmer and vice versa. This season’s freestyler may be next season’s butterfly star. Try not to label swimmers as one thing or the other until they are fully mature.
  • Train all swimmers in the basics of flexibility, body awareness, core body strength and self-monitoring.
  • Emphasize technique development and skill refinement at all times.
  • Work on improving flexibility in all muscle groups and around all joints.
  • Swimmers (pre-puberty) should be encouraged to train as middle-distance freestylers and medley swimmers. This approach gives them the endurance base that will be important for all swimming distances and the medley swimming gives them the swimming skills in all strokes.