Emotiona health

Emotional health Physical activity can also improve emotional health. Some of the benefits of exercise to emotional health include: Stress relief -Swimming causes an increase i n serotonin (a chemical found in the body) – when it is released it makes you feel good. -Swimming can take your mind of any problems Reduced Boredom – …

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Specificity You need to know how to apply the principle of specificity to your personal exercise programme (PEP) Desription Specificity means matching training to the particular requirements of an activity, not person. Explanation You must make sure that your training is appropriate for swimming. This si so you are training the right muslces and body …

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For the introductory strokes development group swimmer, a heavy emphasis should be placed on kicking ability. An efficient leg kick promotes an optimal body position for each stroke. This is crucial for the efficient application of limb force and minimum resistance in the water. An efficient leg kick develops the distance per kick, which in …

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