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For the introductory strokes development group swimmer, a heavy emphasis should be placed on kicking ability. An efficient leg kick promotes an optimal body position for each stroke. This is crucial for the efficient application of limb force and minimum resistance in the water. An efficient leg kick develops the distance per kick, which in …

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Instructors provide important information for swimmers in the form of feedback. Feedback can be verbal, written, visual and tactile. Video analysis has become a crucial part of feedback for any level swimmer ( Swimmers are often surprised when they see themselves swimming, not realizing that their stroke often appears different from how it “feels.” The …

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SwiMMinD Alive

Get ready for Mermaids, Dolphins, Sharks… They’re ALIVE in your local pools. Pre-register at ▶ to follow updates about this Pokémon Go style education tool or register to get Learn to Swim Video Feedback or Race at the SwiMMinD Games for FREE.