Content Marketing

Using content marketing, you increase brand exposure, become an expert in the eyes of your target audience, and as a result, increase your sales.

Our agency help you make great content marketing from strategy to implementations and measurement of effectiveness.


The content marketing one of the way that can help you increase sales. Strengths of content marketing are abilities to humanizes your business, adds authority the brand through content
in cost-effective way. In other words you give people good information to connect with them, attract and transform into clients.

The content marketing is cost-effective way but not cheap. Also, it takes time unlike the PPC (pay per click online advertising). In other hand content-marketing builds trust and rapport with the audience. The common practice to combine forms of marketing to get the best result.

We keep your revenue top of mind to solve business challenges. SwiMMinD provides full-service from content strategy, creation, publishing to distribution and promotion.


The cost of the lead from PPC is growing rapidly. Properly configured content marketing is cheaper and more effective.

Your potential client has become more demanding: he needs good reasons to buy from you.

The client makes a decision on the purchase based on the offer and the additional values.

In order to sell in times of crisis, you must be the advantageously different from your competitors.

your benefits. our key expertise

Quality of leads

For your business, the lead is a sales-ready person who ... >

... wants to purchase your product without hesitation.

Improved visibility

To get advantages from content  ... >

... marketing you need to reaching an audience. It is the more difficult task than the content. 

Become an expert

People buy from experts  ... >

... because they trust them. That is why it is important to become an expert in your niche. 

Important points for a good content strategy

The first, we create for you documented strategy. It is the one way to make many things understandable to optimize efforts and resources.

The second, we select the most appropriate way to implement strategy. For example, the expertise in a specific area. For example, some publications, articles, infographics that are not directly related to your product, but related to its area. People see that you are an expert here and therefore buy it from you.

The third is a psychological nuance, when people get something from you for free, and respond in the form of gratitude, they want to do some kind of response service. We should consider this nuance in the strategy.

We produce your messages:

  • website copy
  • corporate blog
  • presentations
  • guidelines
  • email marketing
  • social network
  • F.A.Q pages
  • guest blogging
  • infographics and other visual graphics
  • your research reports

These messages are: optimized for search engines, reasonable, mobile-friendly, topical, relevant, appropriate linking structures, integrated into the buyer’s journey.


It defines project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines. Generally we should be on the same wavelength about your goals, resources and our scope of tasks.

The first step is to understand for whom we are writing, what and what we are writing about, in what form and at what venues. The answers to these questions will be given by studying your target audience

It will give an understanding of where we are now and where to move on.

On the basis of the strategy, specific work o n its implementation is prescribed – the topic and type of material, platform for publication, deadlines.

Publish content on pre-selected sites.

Tracking selected performance indicators – coverage, site transitions, activity on social networks, sales.


Thanks to effective and thoughtful content marketing, you get traffic growth, recognition, engaging the target audience and increasing the conversion rate.



  • search traffic
  • brand traffic
  • traffic from social networks
  • traffic from sources


  • recognizability of your company and your brand
  • audience loyalty to your company
  • image of your company as an opinion leader


  • page views;
  • viewing depth;
  • average time spent on the site;
  • entry / exit points;
  • failure rate.


  • expansion of the conversion funnel;
  • increase in relative and absolute conversion rates;
  • better (prepared) leads.

Content can sell without pushing a product or service to the market, but giving people the necessary information. SwiMMinD is ready to offer the services of experienced content marketing team and expand the capabilities of your business.


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