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If you search for information about conversion rate optimization, you are already on the right track. Success of your business’ web presence relies mainly on how many users achieve their goals on your site or web app. For businesses the number of visitors that leave your web page without any completed actions is important to your site’s success.

SwiMMinD specialists can help you to identity issues and increase your website conversion rate.


A “conversion” is the goal-oriented action you want a visitor to take on your site or web app, such as: to buy, to click a video, to download a file, to subscribe, to make a phone call, to send an email, etc.

The conversion rate is the ratio of successful conversions of the site or app audience to unsuccessful conversions. Successful conversions are defined differently based on the type of site. In some cases you can use other goals which make sense for your business or web project to organize its ideal conversion rates. However, in many cases the most important goal is to maximize purchases or orders because this is the best way to grow revenue. The higher the conversion rate, the higher your sales will be.

When visitors are already on your site, the only way to increase revenue is through conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization is the adaption of the usability, clarity, functionality, and content of your site in alignment with the intentions of potential customers. CRO analyzes and understands what your visitors want, with the goal being increasing that specific percentage.

So it is all about your customers’ satisfaction and the success of your business.


If you want to convince users straight away, you should have a website that offers visitors an intuitive navigation, strong content, and clear call-to-action.


The navigation of your website helps users to quickly and easily find what they need. When visitors get to your website, they need to know exactly how to get the information they need. The organization and density of your web pages is important to usability, and can have either a positive or negative effect on user experience.


The must have characteristic is mobile-friendliness. It’s important that your site is able to adapt to any screen size. Of course we will assess color scheme, usage of the white space, as well as other elements of the page design as a whole.


It must answer the basic visitor’s question: “what’s in store for me?” The content must be clear, concise, and to-the-point. We assess the formatting of the page content, headlines, context, writing styles, and fonts (type, size, color).


Forms and checkout pages are crucial because they’re a main part of the sales funnel. Good looking clear forms lead to a nice user experience. Creating forms is a complex process, because they must work towards your goals.


CTA means actions such as subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, availing a service, downloading a book or pdf file, etc. It is an important step in every user’s journey. So the CTA must be clear and concise for visitors.


Page speed or page load time directly affects the experience of a user and conversion rate of your site. Just a one second delay means that you’re prone to losing from 7% to 11% of your potential customers.

your benefits. our key expertise

Get you more customers

It may seem obvious, but this is the main benefit for you.  ... >

... The more money you make, the lower buyer acquisition will cost, therefore, the stronger your business becomes. SwiMMinD experties utilizes a systemized approach based on learning about your customers and aligning your business with their ideals. 

Differentiate from your competitors

We create an expreience  ... >

... for your customers that is completely differentiate you from competitors. Finding and exploiting holes in competitors's businesses will help to bring down the barriers between you and your clients. THe most effective tactic is to address customer pain points to resolve them.  

Growth for your business

With conversion rate optimization you have a better ... >

... understanding of your business and your customers. Also, you are more secure thanks to higher revenue. It is a great chance to take your business to the next level. After making initial improvements, we want to work with you in the future to consistently improve your business and keep optimizing your conversions. 


We provide conversion rate optimization in a way for you to achieve your expected results.


Why do you need a research stage? Because you need a custom created solution based on facts regarding your specific business. The better we understand who your clients are and what they want, the fewer mistakes we’ll make in the next stages.

Usually we start with making sure that your website gets the relevant traffic needed. The next step is to analyze your products’ price. Only after all of that is when we will provide research activities.


Primarily we should identify the pages of your site that need optimization. We select the pages that have the most valuable traffic for your business, and usually we select three types of pages. These three are the pages that are the most relevant to your product offering, the pages that provide worst user experience, and the pages that you use to attract visitors from the paid channels (PPC.) This approach allows you provide conversion marketing in the most cost-effective way.


In this stage we create an educated hypothesis. We explain which elements we need to improve upon in order to bring about the desired effect. A structured hypothesis will open the way to more optimization efforts.

Providing optimization without a structured process is a waste of time. Even if we fail, we’ll use the case to understand what went wrong and take reasonable corrective measures.


The objective of the test will check whether the new variation of website pages would get better conversions. We will choose the type of test that we decide to be most efficient. Also, we’ll set up statistical significance. Honestly, when problems are clear it is possible to provide changes on pages without testing.
We have found that only big changes on site lead to tangible results of optimization.


If the overall outcome of the testing is positive, we will calculate the cost of implementing the final changes. We will also let you know the expected increase in revenue in order to justify the cost involved.

If the overall outcome of testing is negative, we will then analyze the hypothesis considering a testing scenario and look for loopholes. Then we will reconstruct our hypothesis by accommodating new ideas.


However CRO isn’t a one and done process; it should be broken up into milestones. This is so that we can deliver the most effective solution for your needs in increments, so that after each milestone the work can be evaluated and modifications to the plan can be made before moving forward.

Also, you will receive useful information about your target audience. This information can help you to build a sales strategy, content strategy, PPC campaign, and social media marketing strategy in the most effective way tailored to your audience.

Does all of this seem a little bit complicated or too expensive for you? How much will conversion rate optimization cost? The cost of CRO depends on many factors. Don’t worry, we will select the optimal process in order to provide the optimal conversion marketing for your business.


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