Dead swimmer's float


To experience the natural buoyancy of your body while your arms and legs are completely relaxed. This is the second key drill in the buoyancy series.


  • Position yourself in the middle of a lane.
  • Take a deep breath and hold it.
  • Round your back and tuck in your chin.
  • Completely relax your arms and legs. They should be completely limp.
  • Hold this position until you need to breathe.
  • Notice your natural head position while floating.

focus points

  • Be sure to take a deep breath and hold it.
  • Keep your chin tucked in tight.
  • Let your elbows and knees bend naturally; stay relaxed.
  • Notice which part of your back is floating highest at the surface.
  • You should feel your head fall in line with your spine.


  • Have your coach check your arms and legs to verify that they are relaxed.
  • If you are practicing this at home or on your own, tell someone what you are doing so they don’t think that you have drowned!