Digital Transformation – Covid 19

Digital Transformation Essential for the Survival of Swimming Venues, Clubs and Facilities

Swimming venues, clubs and pools have all been instructed to close by governments across the world. Unprecedented times!

With swimming venues on pause and swimming pools in lockdown, what can swimming organisations do for their swimmers?

There’s never been a greater motivation or necessity for swimming clubs and facilities to innovate with digital assets if they want to stay connected and engaged with their participants, fans, parents.  It could be considered the beginning of the greatest digital transformation in our lives.

So now with no games to watch, no games to play and training facilities closed, how does society stay connected to sports and importantly sports stay connected to their community?

Well the answer in the short to medium term is bound to be through digital means. Easily scaleable. Perfect for isolation and lockdown scenarios like the one with Coronavirus (Covid19)

Take all the restrictions, cancellations and postponements as the greatest opportunity for your business or coaching career.  When you start to focus on what you can do with parents, fans, participants and elite swimmers, chances are you could be doing it better, smarter and on a larger scale.

Capture your audience

Few coaches or swimming organisations have commercialised skills training and development. A product that teaches skill development with video explanation and game training.

Swimming Australia proactively produced a FREE app, iSwim, which includes a skills sections that demonstrates various drills through video and within the training plans you can find dryland workouts that can be done at home.

SwiMMinD already shares paid and free video content courses.

Swimming Australia and SwiMMinD both feature video content that teaches, demonstrates and provides drills to improve swimming skills. They also have great content to keep your fans connected with inspiring content from the elite athletes.

SwiMMinD gives remote coaching for free for those who have endless pools. or private pools and with the partnership of BioOx offers its one of a kind solution to keep the air in the pools and you virus free.

SwiMMinD has also been affiliated with Fitness Mirror to help swimmer have the best home workout, yoga classes and fitness programs. Fitness mirror assures that every ability and level of fitness is supported through world-renowned instructors and motivational classics that continue to help members find fitness success. This way swimmers will increase their range of motion, heal and prevent injury during covid 19 lockdown, and burn calories as swimmers discover that a home practice can keep swimmers in shape for a long time.  

SwiMMinD says:

“to help swimming communities stay in connected to their loved sport, we are unlocking SwiMMinD unitl 30 April 2020. You could upload your video of your swimming skills and you will receive personal feedback from US and/or Champions/Coaches for FREE.  Anyone could take advantage for this. We hope everyone stays healthy and that our tools help you , your kinds and all elite swimmers stay in shape and even improve “ #keepswimming.

The aforementioned does not only engages with the swimming community, but it helps keep them active.

The swimming community can learn from the above examples. Take the focus off the cancelations and postponements and look to what services you can provide your community.

Now is the time to innovate.

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