Dodgem Cars

How to play:

The objective is to enhance body orientation and balance skills. This will improve endurance and strength with forward and back sculling.

  • At the command ‘go’ , students scull towards one another. Attempt to grap opposition by the feet and ‘flip’ the backwards.
  • Once ‘flipped’, a student is out of the game.
  • Students who are ‘flipped’ and out of the game form an outer circle and, while still ‘sitting’ on their noodles, create turbulence for the students still remaining in the game.


One water noodle per person.


Number: Equal teams.

Organization: Fit noodle around base of spine, straddle legs over either end of the noodle.

Form two parallel lines (facing one another) across wide pool area.

Area: Waist-deep to deeper water (ensure all students are comfortable and capable deep water).

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