Flexible Video Analysis

We offer flexible swim analysis without levels so that it can work alongside the preferences of any individual, schools or clubs. Our framework allows you to choose your own objectives, milestones. All you need is to upload a video with a swim skill that you are working on. It can be anything from an open water swim to a diving assessment in your local pool. It can be underwater and above the water. It can be a video from a competition or a video from practice. Anything that you think might need improving and we will provide our valuable feedback.

Our analysis without levels contains the following:

  • Any type of swim skill can be analyzed, tracked and monitored;
  • Users’ expectations, strengths and weaknesses are highlighted;
  • Upon providing several videos of the same skill in different times, a graphical analysis outlines the actual progress achieved;
  • Upon providing several videos of different skills there will be a bank of statements for issues, milestones, targets, expectations and comments.
  • Analysis dates and progress reports are diligently moderated;
  • Video analysis feedback will identify strengths, weaknesses and effort against the expectations;
  • You could create, use your own Learn to Swim Program, especially if you a Learn to Swim School or Swim club;
  • The language including progress reports, comments and graphs is user-friendly, parent-friendly, coach-friendly;
  • Bespoke analysis reports.

If you are already registered, Login into your profile, clickUPLOAD Videosand upload your HD video (recorded from any device, up to 1GB). SwiMMinD will assess your skills and email you a video with meaningful feedback.