Instructions on How to Record Race Videos


When you record the start, the feet must be visible. Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle Events must be executed from a dive. The hands on the Backstroke starts must be visible.


When you record the finish, the last movement of the hand touching the wall must be visible, even if it is finishing underwater.

Five Seconds Rule

Video Races must begin minimum 5 seconds before the start of the event and at the same way must end minimum 5 seconds after the finish.

Five Meters Rule

The person who records the video must be maximum 5 meters away from the start-line when begins recording and maximum 5 meters away from the finish-line when ends the recording.

Recording During the Distance of the Event

You could walk along the swimmer the entire distance but make sure that you start and finish maximum 5 meters away from the swimmer.

How SwiMMinD Times the Race Videos

To avoid manipulations such as starting the stopwatch after the beep or whistle, SwiMMinD will take the full responsibility for timing the video races. Besides the mathematical precision of technology, behind SwiMMinD there are coaches/referees who will be responsible for the accuracy of the times. Until the bellow mentioned (under developing innovations section) SwiMMinD timing system is developed, the validations of the Race videos will be done only by the following rules for start and finish.


For Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle events SwiMMinD pushes the start button at the moment the feet leave the starting block.

For Backstroke SwiMMinD pushes the start button at the moment the hands loose their grip.

That is why the SwiMMinD time will always be faster than regular timing systems but it will apply for all users.

The sound (beep or whistle)  is a secondary measuring tool. This is to avoid recording race videos in noisy pools, where the starting beep or whistle noise could be mixed with other noises and thus misheard. As a result, it is expected that the end times will be a bit faster but the rule will be the same for all Race Videos.


The 5 meters and the 5 seconds rules are created to avoid assumptions during the finish. SwiMMinD would rely on computation precision and human judgement to decide when exactly a swimmer touched the wall.


For the final round of SwiMMinD Games, during the live event, where the best 10 swimmers per event from all age groups compete, the accuracy of timing will be 100% guaranteed.

For the Remote Video Races, SwiMMinD cannot guarantee 100% accuracy but it can guarantee that the rules will apply for all swimmers and the timing of the videos will use mathematical precision.


Manipulated (fast-forwards, cuts mil-seconds etc)  videos are prohibited. As doping is forbidden, manipulations are forbidden. SwiMMinD could very quickly spot manipulated videos by using technological methods in comparing actual live events of a swimmer, the video flow and other means. Users sign a “Statement of TRUTH” when they upload a video. There will be random and regular checks. If a user has been cut manipulating a video, he/she will be banned to participate at the races for 5 years and will be placed at a public list of  “cheaters.”

Developing Innovations

Timing system:

Currently we are working on innovative timing system to hit the start/finish buttons from your recording device (mobile phone) which will work like that:

  • Hit START. The system records how the swimmer takes the position to dive. There is 5 seconds to send-off the swimmer.
  • Hit DIVE. The person who records the video says “Take your marks”, hits the button “Dive” and screams “Go.” The system (phone) produces a loud sound and starts recording.
  • Hit STOP. The system stops the timing and gives the exact timing. The sytsem continues running and records the swimmer and turns off automatically after 5 seconds.
  • Hit REVIEW. The system will prompt a window whichi will ask the video to be send and reviewed by SwiMMinD. Therein, after an analysis it will be decided whether there were any violations such as the swimmer jumps before hitting the START button or the person who records hits stop before the swimmer actually finished its race. After the validation, the video will be either ranked or disqualified.

Artificial intelligence:

At SwiMMinD we have the capabilities, knowledge and patent to develop AI to deliver faster feedback/qualifications (within 3 minutes).