Mobile Web Design

Mobile application software designed to work on smartphones, tablets and a variety of other mobile devices. An ideal mobile application will increase the credibility of the company as well as its rating among similar companies.


People are opting for mobile over desktop because of its functionality and ability to get things done quickly. Also, many people are choosing mobile apps because they are more compact and efficient than laptops.

So, it is a great reason to create a mobile app. On the other hand, the mobile app market is more popular, so competition is increasing. Numbers of mobile apps downloaded worldwide have already been over 205.4 billion. That is why great design is critical to the overall success of your application. It makes a difference in getting more users and boosting your business.

Great design it about the survival in this era of digitization.

When you choose a design agency, you choose the future of business.


The cost of designing mobile applications depends on many factors, so we always calculate the cost individually for each project. To give you the most accurate estimate, we need to determine a project complexity amount and the number of platforms that the app is being designed for. After this we can identity the scope of tasks, the complexity of tasks, which technologies it can be used, and an estimated time.

The time frame

The more time-limited project, the higher the cost of design

The number of revisions

The more design revisions you want to get, the higher a cost.

The complexity

The complex mobile apps require more efforts from designers.

your benefits. our key expertise

True mobility

While mobile devices becoming increasingly complex  ... >

... they are still mobile. We use visual, language, pattern, negative and symbol affordances that are specific to mobile device usability. This allows us to creat an app that is user friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. 

Optimized for different screen sizes

We always optimize design for  ... >

... different devices and screen sizes. So, your clients will be able to use the app on any device.  

Details tha tmatter for users

Small things make a ... >

... a big difference between success and failure. We pay close attention to icons, typography, color scheme, legible text and white space. All of these things help to achieve success for both your app and your business. 


For 85% of buyers, a color is the main factor when choosing a product. In addition, color improves brand awareness. For example, deep blue is Facebook and sky-blue is Twitter. Even for economical applications, color matters. Testing of Greenbot confirmed that the use of black in the design saves battery power. Google also confirmed that “dark mode” save device’s battery on Android Dev Summit 2018. We select a right color scheme for your app.

UX design of mobile applications designs their functions and properties. How many steps will the user need to reach their goal? What additional features will he have along the way (read reviews, specifications, check photos and ratings, do you need an Internet connection to perform certain tasks).

Gadget manufacturers every year make the width of devices bigger and bigger. And how does the user interact with such a huge screen? For this, application interface designers use ergonomics. All elements must be sized so that the user can reach the icon with his thumb. For this, they place important elements at the bottom of the screen.

UI design of mobile applications is the best way to create the necessary atmosphere for users. Immediately after launching the application, color solutions, forms, fonts and buttons will cause the user to continue working with the program or not. Our task is to make the users fall in love with the atmosphere from the first click.


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