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For your business the on-page SEO is the most effective way to drive valuable traffic and gain qualified leads for your site which could potentially be converted into customers.

You can expect substantial business growth from our on-page optimization services. SwiMMinD provides on-page SEO services according to your needs, purposes, and budget in order to be your partner in growth.


Every business, big or small, needs some kind of Internet presence today. So by investing in your website, you are investing in the success of your business. However, without organic traffic all of your efforts will be rendered futile.

On-page optimization is a range of methods that optimize the most important web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines.

The most valuable ranking factors of search engines are page-level factors. That is why the effect of content marketing and off-page SEO needs quality on-page SEO to improve the search rank of your website.

On-page SEO is very effective for ecommerce, corporate websites, and blogs. For small businesses with limited budgets the on-page optimization can be the only way to be successful in the market.

Also, digital advertising platforms assess the quality of pages. For example Google Ads assesses the page’s user experience, keyword relevance to expect clickthrough rate. So, you need the on-page optimization even if you only drive paid traffic.
If you want to grow your business through your website, you need a quality on-page SEO.

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Flexible approach

Your budget and business are ... >

... key points for our SEO specialists to use in choosing a set of SEO techniques. We are specialist in swimming but we can create and implement right SEO strategy for any business or industry.

Clear communication

A lot of things that go  ... >

... into SEO happen behind the scenes or are not very clear to most people. While others keep their methods hidden, our SEO specialists will explain to you in a comprihensive way why they are doing certain tasks.

Working SEO techniques

You need conversions on your website.  ... >

... Our SEO specialists avoid SEO myths and dubious methods. We are experienced. We test techniques on our website, blog and test websites so you will get what will work. 


Only some on-page SEO factors affect website rank directly, but all factors are very important for website success.


URL structure should be search engine friendly to clearly show the hierarchy of the page on a website. Why is it important? In 2018 an e-commerce site had over 50,000 pages removed from the Google index. This happened because a hard-to-understand URL structure made search engines assume that these pages are irrelevant.


Each page must have a unique and descriptive title that will help both search engines and users understand what the page is about. It is reasonable to use keyword in title tag. The description is what people will see in the search engine results page. Meta tag descriptions need to be specific and attractive for each page.


Using headings (h1, h2, h3 tags) helps search engines to better understand the content. Rather than reading the whole page, most users just scan any new site page. They will usually pick out individual words and sentences. Crawlers have the same behavior. Our specialists can create interesting and meaningful headings that naturally include keywords.


Search engines index main and supplementary content on pages. The key factors of content are: topic relevance, diversity of the topical content around the main theme, and natural language. It is important to use formatting (numbered and bulleted lists, bold, strong, underline or italics to highlight the important parts). Content management is our strength.


Images make a page more interesting and easier to understand for people. Size optimization helps to increase the loading speed of a page. Using the ALT tag is extremely helpful for search engines. Images are particularly important for product pages. SwiMMinD SEO specialists and graphic designers help you to optimize images and media on a page in the right way.


Any page on your website includes internal and external links. Internal links allow search engine spiders to discover new pages and follow them to other pages. It helps search engines to understand the content of pages better. External links play the same role. Also, it’s a good sign for search engines if links provide a useful user experience. We’ll help you learn how to properly use links.


It is the basic goal of F5 Studio’s on-page SEO process to help you to understand the most important things about our approach.


On-page SEO audits cover all main SEO factors to identify issues that have a negative impact on organic traffic. We provide: keyword research and analysis, meta tag audits, and content analysis. The on-page SEO audit includes competitor analysis to identify holes in their SEO strategies.

We will also assess page UX design as a factor which can affect the page rank.


If you didn’t do a technical SEO audit, we recommend that you do it before the on-page SEO audit. In any case our on-page SEO audit includes mobile-friendly tests and page loading speed audits. We also check webmaster tool coverage reports, which helps us exclude technical SEO factors and focus on the optimization of pages.

In any case we will tailor the audit in accordance with your purposes.


You want to get better visibility for your website through search engines. So, we will create a list of recommendations to achieve your goals. We prioritize our recommendations based on SEO importance. In this stage we also estimate how much it would cost to implement these recommendations to create a plan with you.

When you confirm the plan, we will start implementing our recommendations.


When SEO recommendations have been implemented you will want to see how those efforts are paying off and whether it’s all working the way you want it to. The special SEO 3rd-party ranking tools create beautiful automated reports, but they aren’t showing you the real data.

We use a set of tools that gathers the accurate data to see when things aren’t going as smoothly as expected.

While we all want to be on page one of Google search results, with SwiMMinD specialists your website will attract more clients. Contact us for on-page SEO services.


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