One-time Video Analysis

SwiMMinD offers personal swim analysis without levels or programs. You can choose your own objective. We could visually present your faults on a skill you are currently working on and provide you with relevant corrections.  All you need is to upload a video.

The skill that you seek help on can be anything from an open water swim to a Freestyle flip-turn. It can be a video from a competition or practice. We have top coache trained in the USA and Australia and they can provide you with valuable feedback on anything that you think might need improving. 

If you are already registered, Login into your profile, click UPLOAD Videos(only registered users can upload) upload your HD video (recorded from any device, up to 1GB). SwiMMinD will assess your skills and email you a video with meaningful feedback.

Now is for FREE because in beta stage, just collect 1000 points from any Swim Journey at SwiMMinD.