Our Team

SwiMMinD is a project of AlbaSwim Ltd. The project team includes highly skilled and experienced professionals ranging from IT Experts to Olympic Champions. There is no other competitor in the online swimming education sector that has this unique combination of focused expertise and experience. Following is the list of  key members:

Lida milkova


Awarded swimming instructor with experience and education from Australia, Bulgaria, Spain and the USA. Multiple National and International Champion in Swimming.

Valentin Milkov


Successful IT Project Manager with experience in the Middle East, Europe and the US with a demonstrated history of implementing disruptive technologies for multimillion dollar projects. 

Yong Kew Lew


Professor of International Business at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. He is a practice-oriented academic. His research focuses on global strategies and technological innovation. He has published in dozens of academic journals, including R&D Management, Industry and Innovation, Long Range Planning, Global Strategy Journal, and Journal of International Business Studies, among others.

Thomas Lurz


Named by FINA and LEN many times as the Male Open Water Swimmer of the Year. Decorated with the Bavarian Sport Award. In 2010 FINA Aquatics World Magazine selected him as the Male Open Water Swimmer of the Decade. He was named Swimming World Magazine’s Open Water Swimmer of the Year in 2004, 2005 and 2006.