Pool Badges


Just Getting Started
Register at SwiMMinD100
Picking Up SteamYou receive 5 points for each daily visit. If entered for 10 days you will earn that badge. There is no need to be in consecutive days.50
My First CoachTake a photo of your first Coach and provide short bio about him/her (few sentences). 100
My First PoolTake a photo of the pool where will be your fist practice. Include a location tag.50
Inspire a FriendА user registers at www.swimmind.com, after you provided a reference link.
Apprentice CoachPost a suggested drill, which is not on www.swimmind.com. If your drill gets part of the official list besides getting points for that, you will also get points if users upload videos executing this drill.
Mad CoachGive a suggestion for 3 drills that are not at www.swimmind.com. All of them must be approved in order to be uploaded to www.swimmind.com.
Smart EffortsAnother user uploaded a skill/drill that you have suggested to be included and listed at www.swimmind.com and SwiMMinD approved it.50
Enthusiast You earn 10 points for clicking on links. You cannot click on the same link again and earn points. Points are given only once. You must click on 10 such links in order to get this badge.100
Inquisitive ReaderYou earn 5 points for viewing content content (posts, pages) on daily basis. You cannot get more than 5 points per day. 50
Inquisitive ViewerYou earn 5 points for viewing full videos.50
CommentatorYou earn 5 points for publishing a comment, you will earn points once per day. You can continue making other comments but only on the next day you will gain additional points. To gain this badge you need have gained 50 points in such a way. This could be done in 10 days which are note necessary to be consecutive.50
Making ProgressAchieve mastery of a skill listed on SwiMMinD. Make a video of that skills and upload it to the system.50
ThinkerGive 80% and above to a single SwiMMinD quiz.
Swim WriterWrite a short article under the title "I can swim it". Send us to hello@swimmind.com
Swim ScholarWrite an article referencing articles from reputable journals.
Express yourselfComplete all fields of your profile. Answer all questions. Once you have completed your profile contact SwiMMinD for the points with the note "Completed Profile" 50
SeaweedRemain a member of SwiMMinD for 1 year.

Upload Milestone(s) for passing a SwiMMinD Learn to Swim after having some trouble in passing them. Sticking with the skill!
Nice StreakPass all SwiMMinD Learn to Swim Levels until Torpedo, including Torpedo.
Great StreakPass SwiMMinD Learn to Swim Levels until Goldfish.
Awesome StreakPass SwiMMinD Learn to Swim Levels until Dolphin.
Unbelievable StreakPass SwiMMinD Learn to Swim Levels until Shark.
Magical StreakPass SwiMMinD Learn to Swim Levels until Gold.
Legendary StreakPass SwiMMinD Learn to Swim Levels until Advance III.
Nice SkillsUpload 2 skills.
Great SkillsUpload 4 skills.
Awesome SkillsUpload 8 skills.
Unbelievable SkillsUpload 12 skills.800
Certified InstructorCoaching certificate from an accredited institution that allows you to coach.1000
Fun CoachShare with SwiMMinD 5 games in lessons that are not listed on SwiMMinD.
Amazing CoachShare with SwiMMinD 5 games and 5 teaching hints or drills in lessons that are not listed on SwiMMinD.
SafetyShare with SwiMMinD the Emergency procedure at your pool.
Super SafetyShare with SwiMMinD action required after any emergency at your pool.
Bronze TicketA ticket that you went to see any swimming championship. To prove that this is not someone else's ticket you must provide a selfie with the ticket at the event. To get this badge you need 3 tickets. Each ticket gives you 100 points.300
IdolA photo of you next to a medalist from World or Olympic Championships. You get this badge only once, so only one photo is needed.1000