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Contextual advertising or PPC is a fast way to get traffic and customers on your site. Specialized ad platforms allow you to advertise products, services, games and mobile applications on the web around the world or locally.

If you want to use contextual advertising, our PPC specialists (mostly Google Ads and Facebook) help you advertise the smart way.


Web advertising has numerous advantages for your business.

PPC allows you to advertise your product not only for potential customers, but also for people who simply take an interest in a product or service. You can attract more new customers to your brand.

Contextual ad platforms allow you to target an audience by key requests or interests. You can also set up preferred locations, languages and interests, as well as specify a time period to attract relevant traffic. You can also, of course, set up an ad to attract as wide of an audience as possible. You can use different types of ads such as texts, banners and videos.It’s better to use contextual advertising in cases when you need to increase traffic within a specific period of time, such as right after opening your website, after price updates, for special offers or for special periods as Black Friday or Christmas.

Some types of ads like Google Shopping Campaign allow you to use contextual ads over a long period.This is why you should identify your business goals and entrust your project to our PPC specialists.

Advantages of ppc


Remarketing is a process of reaching people who have previously visited your website. Remarketing requires special data gathered by analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

Measurable Results

PPC is a way to see measurable results in comparison with other site promotion methods. Contextual advertising platforms provide different forms of metrics that enable you to see how well ads are converting visitors into customers.

Greater Control

Total control is impossible, because all PPC platforms are based on algorithms and statistical models. Although contextual advertising can be an expensive method, it leaves you less susceptible to many factors in comparison with SEO, content marketing or social promotion. You can determine which keywords, ad messages, and landing pages are converting and how much you should pay for them. This control will help you manage ads to maximize your results.

your benefits. our key expertise

Your revenue

Contextual ads are about ... >

... sales. We use several methods to achieve maximal profit for you. We check your site and your ocmpetitors.

Get more conversions

It is not enough just to  ... >

... attract visitors to your site. A user-friendly site converts visitors into buyers. That's why we analyze your site's performance. 

Clear marketing data

Contextual ad platforms and  ... >

... analytics tools allow you to collect data about your site and audience. We process that data and give you the direction to generate more leads. 



A detailed analysis of your products or services, business goals, target audience, landing pages and website security. This step also includes an audit of analytical tools and accounts on PPC platforms.

Test and Optimization Ad Campaigns

The specialist then launches a campaign. The specialist collects data, and then corrects and adjusts campaigns. The key factors are keywords, quality score, conversion rate and cost per click.The specialist also must check the settings of analytics tools. It is important to make decisions based on correct data.

Keywords research

Based on analysis, the specialist creates a complete list of search queries and negative keywords. Then the specialist structures your campaign logically around a group of keywords.

Run Ad Campaign

The positive results of tests allow us to run ad campaigns. The specialist continues to optimize campaigns to achieve better results. Every ad campaign on the web will have successful and unsuccessful elements that need to be optimized.

Development and Customization

The specialist starts developing ad copies that are relevant to those sets of keywords and uses them on landing pages. Sometimes improvements to landing pages may be required. Then the specialist sets up campaigns. We carefully choose a bidding strategy and tactics.

Statistical Analysis

At this stage the specialist processes data and creates a report which will help you develop your business.


Contextual advertising always carries the risk of losing money. Our recommendation is that you have realistic expectations from a PPC. The truth is that PPC marketing has both advantages and disadvantages.

You should understand that contextual advertising platforms need time to gather data, which is a required part of your budget.

We make realistic assessments and we are always ready to endorse you.


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