Fitness Mirror


This isn’t just a mirror. It’s a cardio class, it’s a yoga studio, it’s a boxing ring, it’s your new personal trainer, and it’s so much more.



SwiMMinD has been affiliated with Fitness Mirror to help swimmer have the best home workout, yoga classes and fitness programs. Fitness mirror assures that every ability and level of fitness is supported through world-renowned instructors and motivational classics that continue to help members find fitness success. This way swimmers will increase their range of motion, heal and prevent injury during covid 19 lockdown, and burn calories as swimmers discover that a home practice can keep swimmers in shape for a long time.



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With a small footprint and elegant design, The Mirror blends seamlessly into any room in your home. Turn less than two feet of wall space into a personal fitness studio.



From cardio and strength to yoga and boxing, we have the perfect workout for everyone in your household. Enjoy 70+ new live classes weekly, or take a class anytime with our extensive library of on-demand workouts. Tens of thousands of classes means your workouts always stay fresh.




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