Tests your butterfly knowledge. Enjoy!


Tests your backstroke knowledge. Enjoy!


Test your breaststroke knowledge. Enjoy!


Test your freestyle knowledge. Enjoy!

Do you know swimming?

Test how much you know about the sport of swimming. Enjoy!

Correct Freestyle Technique

Tests your essential knowledge to see faults and make corrections in freestyle. Enjoy!

Water Safety

Tests your water safety knowledge. Enjoy!


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  1. Select a specific quiz
  2. Select “Start Quiz”
  3. Select or type the answer to the question, and select the “Next” button at the top right of the Quiz to move on to the next question. Repeat until the Quiz is completed. You can also select the “Previous” button to go back and correct previous answers.
  4. View how many questions have been completed.
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You can retake a quiz as many times you want.

You can create quizzes yourself. Just contact us and provide us questions and answers. If you are a coach of a club you could provide a logo of your club so we could add it to the quiz. 

YES. Just provide us quiestions, answers and timing per each question and we will set it according to your wants and needs. 

Make a screenshot and provide it to to SwiMMinD. You will earn the relevant badges and points.