Remote Stroke Video Analysis

This module delivers remote, interactive and meaningful feedback through video analysis to swimmers at any age and level. The feedback is generated from top learn to swim coaches, World and Olympic champions. It is also processed by artificial intelligence in order to speed up the feedback response.

Our Analysis can be used online, meaning you can input straight into the system anywhere you may be –  uploading video evidence as you go! Simply upload your video into the system, using any device you chose and then you will receive a meaningful video analysis, including causes for concern and feedback that assist your improvement.

There are three Programs of Video Analysis. Click on each one of them to learn more:

The first two Programs are based on well established Programs from Australia, Germany, the UK and US. The “Flexible Program” could give feedback for any areas that you need improvement.

We launched our analysis with Programs and their relevant levels so that users can work alongside well established standards. Within our Programs’ frameworks there are milestones based on which users could receive meaningful feedback and certificates.

Unleash the power of SwiMMinD by uploading a video.