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We offer a full suite of website development and programming services, flexible pricing and superior service.

From hand drawn video animations to 3D effects. No matter the format, we strive to create an exciting experience on any platform or device.

Unfortunately, website security is a significant issue. Now that WordPress is the #1website platform worldwide, hackers are targeting more WordPress sites every day.

We understand that you don’t have time to stay up-to-date on the latest WordPressmaintenance issue, core update, or plugin compatibility. That’s our responsibility.

Our expert WordPress maintenance & development team has  years of WordPress experience and deep knowledge of the WP ecosystem, plugins & integrations.

We are dedicated to protecting your website long-term. In fact, if your site goes down for ANY reason (even due to client error), our team will restore it for your business.

SwiMMinD Analytics aims to provide remote an immediate meaningful insights, feedback (video analysis), positive and encouraging stroke corrections to any level swimmer to achieve fluency, ease and speed. This service is currently being build, as our AI specialists are training the first Artificial Intelligence (SwiMMinD) in simming to handle stroke corrections in woter environment. 

Fixed price of website development is the special offer for swimming entities. You will get a website with custom design and standard functions from $500. All packages include responsive web design, WordPress development, a set of pages, basic SEO and other features which provided for by this package.

All you should do it to determine your business needs, allocate a budget and choose the most appropriate package for.


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