Breaststroke kick1. Practice scissor kick lying on side in shallow (30 cm) water or on land. Make sure the toe of the bottom foot is pointed. Avoid swimming on the front.
2. Emphasize both knees point to side of pool (shoulder position).
3. Tuck, split, squeeze together.
4. Emphasize that whole stroke is done in top 30 cms of water.
Breaststroke arm action1. Practice the arm action standing. Learn leading (bottom) arm first.
2. The leading (bottom) arm pulls to the shoulder.
3. Practice 'scooping' action of leading (bottom) arm first, keeping top arm still - on hip. 'Scoop' then kick and glide.
4. Add trailing (top) arm action (push from shoulder to thigh) at same time as legs squeeze together.
Angled body position1. Keep the ear in the water.
2. Glide after kick.

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