Suggested Steps and Teaching Points for Learn to Swim Skills

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1Enter water safely
2Exhale in water
3Open eyes under water
*Advanced progression for submerge skill
5Glide forward and recover
*Advanced progression for glide forward and recover skill
6Float or glide backward and recover
*Advanced progression for float or glide backward and recover skill
*Safety survival sequence no. 1
7Glide forward and kick 3 m
*Advanced progression for glide forward and kick 3m skill
8Glide backward kick and recover
*Advanced progression for glide backward kick and recover
9Swim 5 m freestyle
9.1Swim 5 m freestyle
10Scull/tread water
*Safety survival sequence no. 2
11Swim 10 m freestyle
11.1Swim 10 m freestyle
11.2Swim 10 m freestyle
12Glide backward kick 5 m
13Demonstrate breaststroke leg action
13.1Demonstrate breaststroke leg action
14Demonstrate survival sculling
15Demonstrate a forward roll
*Safety survival sequence no. 3
16Swim 15 m freestyle
17Swim 10 m backstroke
17.1Swim 10 m backstroke
18Swim 10 m survival backstroke
18.1Swim 10 m survival backstroke
19Swim 5 m breaststroke kick
20Scull head first on back
21Recover an object
*Advanced progression - recover an object
22Swim in deep water
22.1Swim in deep water
*Safety survival sequence no. 4
23Swim 25 m freestyle
24Swim 15 m backstroke
24.1Swim 15 m backstroke
*Advanced progression for swim 15 m backstroke
25Swim 15 m survival backstroke
26Swim 15 m breaststroke
26.1Swim 15 m breaststroke
27Demonstrate a surface dive
*Safety survival sequence no. 5
28Swim continuously 50 m
29Swim 25 m backstroke
30Swim 25 m survival backstroke
31Swim 25 m breaststroke
32Demonstrate a dive entry
*Safety survival sequence no. 6
33Scull feet first on back
34Demonstrate eggbeater kick
35Swim 150 m
*Advanced progression : Bilateral breathing
*Safety survival sequence no. 7
36Swim 25 m sidestroke
36.1Swim 25 m sidestroke
37Demonstrate dolphin kick
38Swim 200 m
*Safety survival sequence no. 8
39Swim 10 m butterfly
39.1Swim 10 m butterfly
40Demonstrate a tumble turn
41Swim 300 m
42Principles of cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
*Safety survival sequence no. 9