What is SwiMMinD

SwiMMinD is a platform that delivers deep feedback, visibility and insights with the ability to automate actions, reduce the amount of stroke faults and enable any level swimmer to achive better performance or swim confidence.

The Future of Swimming Performance is Here

SwiMMinD provides remote meaningful insights, feedback (video analysis), positive and encouraging stroke corrections to any level swimmer to achieve fluency, ease and speed.

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid 19) situation SwiMMinD’s team says:

“to help swimming communities stay in connected to their loved sport, we are unlocking SwiMMinD unitl 30 April 2020. You could upload your video of your swimming skills and you will receive personal feedback from US and/or Champions/Coaches for FREE.  Anyone could take advantage for this. We hope everyone stays healthy and that our tools help you , your kinds and all elite swimmers stay in shape and even improve “#keepswimming. 


Seeing how well you swim might require more eyes than you think. Hence, despite the valuable feedback of your coach you could also get the possibility to be viewed by of hundered more coaches (the best swim coach methodology across the world) through video analysis.


The right feedback for your swimming performance fuels intelligent and independent decision-making to drive future performance.


Take action on the insights / feedback you derive and correct faulty technique, scale workouts, select the appropriate stroke for your better performance, for your swimming confidence.

SwiMMinD can be used online, meaning you can input straight into the SwiMMinD’s system anywhere you may be –  uploading video evidence as you go! Simply upload your video into the system, using any device you chose and then you will receive a meaningful video analysis, including causes for concern and feedback that assist your improvement.

You train like a pro with your Program that’s always up to date and evidence based

SwiMMinD offers several options:

There are milestones based on which users could receive meaningful feedback and certificates. Click on each program above to learn more or click here for some sample feedback(videos).


You stay on track


You get insights, stroke corrections on your performance and coaching tips to motivate you.

“Hold your streamline tight to improve your speed.”

Unleash the power of SwiMMinD

To get FREE Stroke Analysis from an US Open Champion and an ex-coach from Indiana University, worth 150 USD, first collect 1000 point and then use them for your first analysis. So, hurry up, REGISTER and begin your swimming journey.