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Journeys for Swimmers, Instructors, Coaches, Parents, Babies, Toddlers, Children and Adults.

Pool Journey

Common BADGES that are easy to earn when just getting started. Only for registered users.

Sea Journey

Uncommon BADGES that require investment in learning. Only for registered users.

Ocean Journey

Rare BADGES that require significantly more effort and learning dedication. Only for registered users.

Podium Journey

Impressive amount of learning and dedication BADGES. Only for registered users.

Mariana Trench Journey

Very rare, legendary BADGES. Only for registered users.

Learn to Swim Journey

This journey will assist swimmers to develop effective techniques, improve their swimming skills.

Marathon Swim Journey

Into the waves of pioneers. 10,000 POINTS for each listed marathon race.

World Series Journey

Elite swimmers journey allowing to earn up to 300,000 points.

Baby Journey

Parents start the journey of their young swimmers. Various games for parents to have their babies learn to enjoy water activities.

Swimming Instructor Journey

This journey will assist swimming instrcutors to develop effective techniques to help students improve their swimming and water safety skills, knowledge and understanding.


Only registered users can earn points and collect badges. Points and badges can't be purchased. You need to go through your swim journey to be awarded.

Upload Milestones

Must be registered to upload milestones.

Earn Points

Points can be earned from the 13 Learn to Swim Levels or from Pool, Sea, Ocean, Podium and Mariana Trench Journeys. Click on the dice and see the Leaderboard.

Collect Badges

Pool, Sea, Ocean, Podium and Mariana Treanch Journeys offer varios badges for your journey.

FREE Stroke Analysis

1,000 points give you a video analysis of your stroke from an US Open Champion and ex-coach at Indiana University worth 150 USD for FREE.