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Web development is a necessary step to grow your swimming organization. We live in a time when the Internet and modern technologies have penetrated into every home and pockets. If you want to stand out in a competitive niche, get your business to the next level, reach a larger audience, or increase your contacts, you cannot afford to be without a web presence.

SwiMMinD provides the full web development service that includes the custom web development.


Web development is the process of creating a website or web application. The main stages of this process are web design (UI design, UX design, graphic design), front-end development, back-end development, and testing.

SwiMMinD’s web designers will develop a logical site structure, format the presentation of information, and structure it all in an easy to manoeuvre and the aesthetically pleasing site or application. In the end, our developers will present a finished layout that we will continue to refine.

SwiMMinD’s front-end developers take this layout and transfer it to code to ensure that your website or application displays equally beautiful in all browsers, is convenient to use, and works correctly on all devices.

The following is the work of our back-end developers, which consists of setting up the server part of the site or application that is not visible to visitors. This includes authorization, storage, and processing of data, email distribution, and the like. The task of the tester is to carry out quality control at all stages of development.

your benefits. our key expertise

Be close to your customers

Your web presence is a great way to be with customer through ... >

... smartphone, voice assistant, at home, desktop, laptop, private pool, sea, river, ocean or at the office. 

Educate your customers

Your web presence can offer an information about ... >

... your swimming products and services. SwiMMinD will help you create this web presence to deliver this information in a well thought out and and consistent way any time of the day or night. 

Optimize your budget

Internet is still affordable to promote your business in ... >

... in camparison to other marketing channells. SwiMMinD's approaches allow you to choose cost-effective way to achieve your business goals in swimming. 

Web Development Process

With SwiMMinD, there are many steps that can be divided into the following main categories:


The proper approach for the development and enhancement of a web project relies on a preliminary research, analysis and collection of essential information, such as the target audience, the purpose of the product, and competitors. With this data, we form a foundation that determines future steps and stages of development.


Based on the information collected, technical documentation for the project and schematic wireframes are created for each page by our project manager.

A technical document describes all the requirements of the web project: its function, technology on which the project will be built, main milestones, timeframes, and technology stack (programming language, frameworks, CMS) to be used. Wireframes provide a schematic visual representation of each page of the future web project.


The main purpose of the template is to visualize the structure and functionality of your future website or web app. At this stage all the information collected in the first stage of analysis is implemented in visual design. Our designers develop layouts for every page of the site. When the layouts are finished, we will send it to you for review. Our goal is to update the layouts until you are 100% happy with your website.

You can find more detailed and useful information about web design services.


Front-end developers turn the layouts of all the pages that were created in the previous step into real, dynamic, interactive and responsive web pages. Our back-end developers support the functionality of each element. To help your site get found on internet search engines, on-page SEO and tech SEO (Search Engine Optimization services) is considered at this stage. We fine-tune your web pages’ meta tags, micro-markup, headers, robots, sitemap files, images, and keywords in order to maximize your site’s position in search results.


Our QA engineers are involved in every stage of the project creation, so at this stage, only a final test needs to be performed. This strategy significantly speeds up the launch of your project. Every page, form, button, and link is tested and verified. Our QA engineers test the site’s display in different browsers, on different devices, and at different screen resolutions in order to be sure that the generated code fully complies with modern web standards and rules. After the project has passed the final check, and all the bugs have been fixed, it can be uploaded. After launching the project, we will perform another testing cycle to ensure that no unexpected errors occurred during the download and that all files are safe and sound.


In order for the finished project to fulfil your business needs and bring you income, our relationship with you after launch is just as important for us. We maintain contact to be sure that everything works as planned, and you are satisfied with the final product. We provide three months of free support for all our projects after launch. We are ready and available to respond to any problems that may arise to remedy them quickly.


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