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By contacting our web development agency, you get a reliable partner that provides a full range of web services for the development and maintenance of your site at a reasonable price. We are here for you and are devoted to build the best website for your business.


The cost of website development varies depending on the complexity of the task. In general, the cost of creating a simple site starts from $500 and increases depending on the features required and complexity.

We strive to make a unique offer based on your needs and budget. A simple website can be finished in two weeks, while large projects naturally take more time.

We are here for you and are devoted to making your vision come to life. Regardless of the size of the project, we will establish with you a schedule of stages that maximize results in the shortest possible time.

your benefits. our key expertise

Customer channel

We will create a website to attract vosotprs, convert them into customers  ... >

... an encourage them to come back. 

Brand presentation

We know how to create strong brand messages  ... >

... with a website and make it memorable for your audience. 

Accessible websites

We follow regulations to create accesible websites ... >

... for all people and yo do not get sued. 

Web Development Process

The website development process involves multiple steps, and the each SwiMMinD specialist is practised and experienced in each of them. In order to focus on more important items and not take advantage of your budget, if we feel the need, we may recommend changes to your plan


At this stage, we discuss the requirements of the site based on your needs and create a draft of what the final site will look like. Based on this information, we will calculate the approximate time needed and cost. We offer this consultation for free in order to provide you with the information you need to make a decision.


At this stage, we provide a research of your business and your target audience to understand their motive and behavior with SwiMMinD digital marketing specialists.

After analyse we develop a prototype of the site – a visual and schematic representation of the location of all elements on each page including navigation, categories, subcategories, and their sequence. At the end, you will have prototypes of all the pages of your site and a detailed technical task list for the development of the site.


Based on the UX analysis list, the web designer will draw all the elements of the site: buttons, banners, forms, and other graphic elements. In other words, the prototype, which was created in the previous stage of development, gets an aesthetically pleasing facade with your choice of colour palate. We can also work with an already established corporate style to match the company’s image if needed. The finished layout is then sent to you for review. All necessary adjustments will be made until we have your complete satisfaction.


After approval, our web developers will program the code that will implement the logic of the website, the functionality, the connected content management system.

Our web developers consult with SEO specialists to make your website SEO-friendly. Sometimes sites can be used without a CMS (e.g. landings), so the site is simply imposed on HTML, CSS, JS. Our web developers is able to conduct all this work in parallel, which significantly speeds up the development time.


Despite the fact that testing occurs at each stage of the project, we perform final testing at the end of the website development phase. Our testers carefully check the website on all devices and in all browsers to identify if any errors occur. These are then sent to our developers to remedy. Once all testing tasks are completed, the site is ready for the official launch. After the site is launched, our work is not done we will monitor the site for one month to help with any issues. 


Your ideas and approval are discussed at each stage until your vision is executed. Our business-goals oriented mentality guides our web agency to ensure satisfaction for you. There are many opportunities to get more from your site with us as we will carry out all its support needs and updates. In addition, over time, the site can benefit from changes in design that will keep its style relevant to the rapidly changing trends in the world of web development.

Website development is our main expertise, so if you’re looking for a complete and agile team of web specialists to get

your website redesigned and developed into the clean coded website, get a proposal from our Project Manager!


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