What People Say

SwiMMinD attracts me because it focuses on beginner swimmers. With SwiMMinD, novice swimmers will get more feedback, including awards which will inspire them to swim more and swim according to well established coaching standards. While kids receive more feedback, they will be able to progress much faster.

So, we are here at Austin, Texas at Deep Eddy Swimming pool, one of the rare 100 foot swimming pools in the world. It is a little too cold for this guy today but we are super excited about teaching him how to swim and hoping that SwiMMinD with its artificial intelligence and the gamification of swimming will help him learn swim even faster!

We like SwiMMinD because it is gamifying and interactive, helps children advance their swimming and build their confidence in the water, whether that mean in the ocean or the pool. Children learn much faster having FUN!

Valentin Milkov is a dear friend of mine. We studied at the Manchester Business School together. He used to win gold medals in National Swimming Championship, and he is a very smart guy with a most inquisitive mind. He stated a revolution in the video analysis and in the swimming sector. It’s a true disruptive innovation. SwiMMind can greatly improve your swimming skills. I shall use SwiMMind. Let’s make SwiMMind a reality. Support SwiMMind! SwiMMind的创始人Valentin Milkov是我的好朋友。我们曾一起就读于曼彻斯特大学商学院。他不仅是游泳的世界冠军,还是一个思维敏捷的家伙。这就是为什么他发明了SwiMMind。 SwiMMind 是一个游泳分析软件。他能显著提高你的游泳技能。我一直都有用SwiMMind。让我们一起支持SwiMMind。让SwiMMind成为现实

SwiMMinD wants to teach the world how to swim. I definitely want to see this in the app store because I am a beginner swimmer and I definitely know I need pointers.

Hi everyone! We are a young family and we would like to have many children. We hope that in the future they become swimmers. Both of us are sportsmen. I am a former swimmer and he is a triathlete. We think that SwiMMinD’s methodology of learning and the opportunity to compete globally without leaving the local pool is very beneficial. That’s why the kids may learn from SwiMMinD’ digital coaches. Best wishes! /”Hola, somos una familia de España, que en breve tendremos nenes (detsa). Nos gustaría que en un futuro sean nadadores, ya que nosotros dos somos bastante deportistas. Yo fui nadadora y él es triatleta. Para aprender a nadar nos gustaría que el método que utilizasen fuese el de swimmind, ya que así podrán competir y aprender a nadar con niños de todo el mundo sin necesidad de desplazarse, con los mejores entrenadores de swimmind, así que, aprended con ellos. Un saludo”

Vivi is a passionate beginner swimmer who adores Dolphins and Sharks and cannot wait to see them on SwiMMinD and Learn to Swim with their help.“I love dolphins. I came to see dolphins today but I saw Swans. I can’t wait to see and talk to dolphins and sharks from SwiMMinD.