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Our WordPress developers create reliable websites and applications that provide you with the best business results over a long period. Thanks to our clients who have achieved their business goals, SwiMMinD has gained recognition in the development of WordPress-based products.

All WordPress development services we will be glad to offer to you.


We create WordPress websites to help you to achieve your business goals with extended functions and expanded the capabilities of your WordPress website.

Looking for a powerful, compact and high-performance WordPress website?

SwiMMinD specializes in creating effective web projects with clean code and a clear user interface using advanced web technologies.

Thanks to our extensive customer support experience, we understand all the subtleties of WordPress in order to provide you with exactly what their business needs for a specific task. We also develop highly convertible WordPress websites or application with easy navigation, user interface and responsive design to help you differentiate your brand from the competition.



Want to use WordPress for multiple sites? The F5 Studio is ready to provide you with assistance, be it a complex system or a WordPress plugin for several sites.


Migration from another system to WordPress seems difficult? Let us handle it. We will help you to safely convert your website into WordPress from absolutely any other system.

We can convert any website to WordPress without sacrificing the site functionality.


Focus entirely on the development of your business and provide us with all the difficulties with the maintenance of your site. Our WordPress developers will completely relieve you of headaches regarding any of your online projects.


Any business is a unique and unrepeatable structure that cannot be described by a standard module. We offer only unique solutions and custom code, with the help of which we can expand the functionality of a website in accordance with the requirements of your business.


Our integration and programming experience API provides any client with a comprehensive solution that will help take care of the needs of business integration.

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Depending on the design, it is typical to divide Internet resources into separate groups. Before you begin to develop the visuals of a specific project, it is important to establish which group it will belong to in the future. Depending on various factors, sites are divided into the following types:


By color

This emphasizes the color palette of the site. Is it dark and edgy, or light and fresh? What is the most dominant color, and what energy is it emanating? Most sites are created with a very simple palette. It is important to remember that sometimes simple is better. Websites with only a few contrasting colors are easier to view than those with many bright colors.

By topic

This group includes themes like futuristic, classic, magazine, retro, etc. It all depends on the subject to which the project is dedicated.

The main idea behind this is that the design should fit the character of the content. Imagine if a site for accountants was designed like a colorful comic book. The theme clearly would not fit the topic or the audience.

According to the schedule - artistic, standard, or clean

On a good site, you will find a balanced combination of graphics and text. They avoid the temptation to put all of their favorite pictures causing visual overload. This type is considered to be the perfect harmony between informative and aesthetically pleasing.

By volume of data

This is based on the nature and volume of material that is posted on the site. This type is best suited for resources dedicated to one topic. It is best to keep it as simple as possible and a minimalistic, custom web design would bring out the best of the brand. From the point of view of the developer, complex design projects take the most time, because it is necessary to consider not only the artistry but also the ease of use.

According to the features of the screen - adaptive, rubber, or fixed

It is important to understand that nowadays most sites are viewed through tablets or smartphones. Therefore, designs catered to desktop viewing are a thing of the past. They have been replaced by designs with an adaptive layout.


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